COMMERCIAL Window Coatings, Inc.
Whatever your commercial needs may be, we have the film for you.  From heat, light and glare reduction to anti-graffiti, safety and privacy films.

Low Employee Productivity?  High Energy Bills? 
Solar films provide a great means of lowering your air conditioning bills by reducing solar heat entering your structure.  Keep your employees more comfortable in a temperature stable environment with reduced heat and glare.  Solar films reduce 99% of the damaging UV rays which fade your drapes, furniture and hardwood floors.  

Security & Vandalism Issues?
Increase security and lower the costs of vandalism with our specialty films.  
Security film reduces the spray of shattering glass and increases the time it takes to break into a building.  
Anti-Graffiti film helps protect your expensive glass and is designed to be replaced thus greatly reducing your cost to clean or replace.
Not mentioned?  Just ask us!